Aluminium heater mats are made from a silicone insulated heating cable that is placed between two aluminium sheets.
The Silicone heating cable consists of a Nickel copper or nickel chrome heating wire wound around a fibreglass core which is insulated with a silicone elastomer giving a insulation rating of up to 600 volts.
The aluminium foil element has adhesive backing as standard for quick and easy fixing to the area requiring temperature maintenance and takes up little space.

Aluminium foil heater shown separately with wires exposed

Aluminium foil heaters are used in many cases where a large surface of low power is to be heated effectively
Some applications are temperature maintenance of heated food tables and food serving cabinets in canteens
Anti-condensation of refrigerated display cabinets
Battery Warmers, Laboratory Equipment and Incubators

Cynebar can make to sizes requested as we have a large range of heating cables in stock in Brisbane.

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