Aluminium Foil heaters

Aluminium heater mats are made from a silicone insulated heating cable that is placed between two aluminium sheets. The Silicone heating cable consists of a Nickel copper or nickel chrome heating wire wound around a fibreglass core which is insulated with a silicone elastomer giving a insulation rating of up Read more…

Cynebar makes 150 Type 8HAD4 Non-Inductive Resistors in a 5 Day turnaround.

Wire Wound fixed Resistors of the non-inductive type, are designed for high- frequency circuits.

The basic difference in construction between standard and non-inductive Wire Wound tubular resistors is the method of winding the resistive conductor. In order to lower substantially the inductive and minimize distributed capacitance, non inductive Wire Wound resistors utilize the Ayrton-Perry method of winding.


Complete Electrical Heating System, Design and Manufacture

A complete system with Flange Immersion heater, 35kW, 415 Volt Star connected controlled with a Watlow PID Digital Temperature controller and The DIN-A-MITE C silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) power controller provides a low cost, compact and versatile solid state option for fine controlling electric heat using variable time base. This saves energy and extends the Electric heater life.


Circulation heaters

Cynebar circulation heaters provide a complete ready to install electric inline heater. Assembly consist of screw in immersion heaters with baffles for better heat transfer, terminal enclosures, temperature sensor, over temperature thermostats, mounting brackets, drain plug, vessel with inlet and outlet connections.