A complete system with Flange Immersion heater, 35kW, 415 Volt Star connected controlled with a Watlow PID Digital Temperature controller and The DIN-A-MITE C silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) power controller provides a low cost, compact and versatile solid state option for fine controlling electric heat using variable time base. This saves energy and extends the Electric heater life.

electrical heating system

Power switching device used here was the compact size DIN-A-MITE C, 3 phase 2 leg fan cooled. This SCR Power controller is capable of switching 45kW, 415 Volt, 65 Amps per phase @ 50┬░C Ambient.

Cynebar electrical heating system

With variable time-base control, the power controller automatically adjusts the time-base and output power with respect to the command signal. Accelerated life testing shows that variable time-base control significantly reduces expansion and contraction of the heater element. This extends heater and power controller life while improving process temperature control. This saves money on heaters, downtime and maintenance.

Cynebar electrical heating


There are a wide range of Power Switching devices for single phase or 3 phase applications and a range of different sizes kept in stock at Cynebar in Brisbane.

Cynebar electrical heating range

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