Cynebar would like to inform you on some exciting news for our existing resistor product range :

We have purchased from KC Industries a resistor manufacturing business known as Standard Resistor Co which manufactures and sells wire wound electrical resistors in Australia and around the world.

Standard Resistor Co will now continue to manufacture wire wound resistors under Cynebar in Brisbane starting the 21st July.

The Standard Resistor brand will continue to offer quality and a wide range of wire wound resistors with proven reliability:

  1. Tubular coated type  5 – 250 Watts
  2. “COOLFIN” Edge wound crimped ribbon, low resistance High power units
  3. Special designs to order on threaded bobbins

Coating “ V” – Vitreous enamel coating provides the ultimate protection and humidity proofing  for resistors. A high density borosilicate glass is fused at elevated temperatures to provide an intimate bond between the winding and a special steatite former. The very high thermal mass and heat transfer rates provided by this coating provides :

  • Continuous operation at 350°C is possible.
  • High power dissipation for size so designers can use smaller resistances for given loads.
  • Stability for harsh environments
  • Overload characteristics ideal for protection circuits
  • High stability and reliability
  • Impervious lead free vitreous enamel coating


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