Cynebar refurbishes a wide range Electric Duct Heater products to meet all the needs of your current HVAC system. We stock a wide range of Stainless Steel finned air heater elements in our factory in Brisbane as well as manufacture custom finned air heater elements that can be fitted to the existing terminal box of your electric duct heater.

Duct heating elements lined up in a square.

Cynebar will clean EDH’s terminal boxes, covers and uses 6mm thick asbestos free millboard which has a low thermal conductivity as protection for underside of terminal box from heat source inside duct heater.

Up close with a duct heater element.

We can then refit electric air heater elements, wire the EDH terminal box with silicone rubber cable rated for 150°C to high temperature terminal blocks. Can also fit options such as; adjustable manual over temperature thermostat, air pressure switches, Isolating switch, relays, solid state relays, contactors and busbars.

Get in contact with us to find out more – Cynebar the duct heating specialists.

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