Our Power Resistors are printed with permanent markings showing resistance, tolerance, physical size and type of terminal.


500Ω              5%
EPAD-4         50W

E         =          Former diameter – 19mm (3/4”)

P         =          Former length – 114mm (4 ½”)

A         =          Adjustable – omit if fixed type

D         =          Coating type “D” Silicone resin or V = Vitreous Enamel

4          =          Terminal type

It is only a recent development that the Standard Resistor Company has been integrated totally, to become a department of Cynebar. The Standard Resistor Brand will continue to offer quality and a wide range of wire and edge wound power resistors, of proven reliability and quality. These are available on very short notice, ensuring that we help meet urgent delivery schedules.

1)    Tubular power wire wound resistor available in conventional sizes, outline and mountings as used throughout the industry, 5 to 250 Watts.







2) “Coolfin” Edge wound crimped ribbon, low resistance high powered units from 0.04 Ω to 66 Ω and 75 to 550 Watts.






3) Special designs made to order on threaded porcelain bobbins or formers to customer specification, up to 1000 Watt.


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