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Case Study - Flexible Heaters


A food company needed to maintain the temperature of 6 x stainless steel tanks at 80 ºC.

The heating system was to be installed onto the tank by the fabricator, insulated and then shipped to an overseas client for final installation in a food processing plant.

Our customers’ first consideration was ease of instruction, installation and use for both their fabricator and overseas customer. They had used traditional mineral-insulated heat tracing in the past. Questions about the labour costs and difficulty of correct installation led our client to seek a better way of achieving their heating goal.

Flexible Heater


The moderate temperature and curved surface of the tank made Cynebar recommend using simple to fit flexible silicone heater mats with self-adhesive peel and stick backing.

In addition, each heater came with a silicone lead and insulation entry kit, so there was no requirement to terminate ends and installation was easy.

Temperature control was by means of an easy to install self-adhesive sensor attached to the tank surface, PID Digital controller pre-programmed by Cynebar ready to install into the control room with Solid state relays.

Ultimately, there were savings of 33 % on total installation time. It took 4 hours per tank compared to equivalent time on 150 m of heat trace would take about 6 hours at 25m / hour.

Products used for 6 tanks

  • 24 x Flexible Silicone Heater matts, 240 Volt, 1250 Watt, 480mm x 1500 mm.
  • 4 x Kapton Thermocouple Type ‘T’, peel and stick.
  • 4 x PID Digital Temperature controllers, SSR Drive with 2 Alarms
  • 4 x 40 Amp Solid state Relays with Heatsink
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