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Drum Heaters

Drum Heaters

Drum heaters go by many names and come in numerous types. You may hear them referred to by any assortment of titles such as band, barrel, container and canister heaters.

These specialised heating elements are made from various materials depending on the drum heating type they fall under. They are thermostatically controlled and so will provide an even distribution of heat from the base of your barrel to the top no matter which type you opt for. Uses and designs include a flexible silicone drum heater for the occasional cold winter day or a temperature controlled room for pallets of drums when production is the key.

Generally used in lower temperature ranges to improve flow rate and recovery percentage from viscous product. Gentle enough not to damage and powerful enough to do the job. Cynebar guarantee that the drum heaters have been built for durability and are resistant to chemicals. The drum heaters are also very easy to clean, due to very few materials being able to stick to the silicone. Overall, our drum heating options are reliable and convenient, making them ideal for many operating conditions. We offer a wide variety of drum heaters, covering all common drum sizes.

Common Applications for Drum Heaters

Drum heaters are an effective way to apply viscosity control, freeze protection and temperature maintenance to a wide range of different chemicals and materials. Such devices are most commonly found in the food service, wholesale food production, hospitality, paint production and chemical production industries.

They function to keep liquids, soups, fats, waxes, varnishes, oils, resins, gels and similar substances at a set temperature so they do not congeal or go-off and are ready for pumping, bottling or transferring when you need them.

Examples of uses for drums heaters include the temperature control of:

  • Resins & Waxes
  • Greases & Lubricants
  • Palm & Coconut Oils, Animal Fats
  • Honey, Molasses & Syrups
  • Chemicals & Adhesives

Drum Heating Range

There are a few different types of drum heaters available world-wide. These fall into 3 separate categories, 2 of which we produce and stock for purchase: Flexible Band Drum Heaters, also known as Drum Heater Mats and Base Drum Heaters

  • Flexible Band Drum Heaters

    We stock various flexible, wrap-around, silicone rubber band, drum heaters and stainless steel, clamp-on band heaters. These elements are intended for closed drum applications where the substance cannot contact the heating element directly.

    The silicone heating band has individual heating elements embedded into the mat which produce the heat. The steel band heater wraps around the barrel and heat is transferred around the length of it into the drum.

    These bands are designed to supply and evenly disperse the optimal temperature required to keep the drums contents liquefied. This type of drum heater is made with functionality, reliability, safety and longevity in mind and will perform its heating duties efficiently.

    Band heaters are great for space-saving if you do not have much room to work with and they are very easy to install. They are most often used in situations where you need to heat up drums quickly to high temperatures.

    The high quality materials used and tough design mean these heat elements will enjoy a long life.

  • - How to Attach Flexible Heater Mats to a Barrel

    Up to three band heaters can be attached to a regular 200 Litre drum surface. As band heaters can cause the exterior surface temperature of the drum to really heat up it is important to wear protective gloves and clothing when handling so as not to risk injury.

    Our top-quality heater mats are equipped with a silicone lead, Cynebar recommends using 3 band heaters to adequately heat your drum by placing them around the barrel.

    The integrated temperature control mechanism means you can program the bands to maintain an optimal temperature. As long as you have specified the correct temperature, overheating is simply not possible.

    After purchase, please refer to the Instruction Manual for safety and step-by-step instructions.

    - How to Attach Steel Heating Bands to a Barrel.

    The steel heating element simply wraps around the outside of the drum and is held firm by the steel band via a clamp-on fastener. This device is lightweight, portable and can be switched around between drums quickly and easily.

    After purchase, please refer to the Instruction Manual for safety and step-by-step instructions.

  • Base Drum Heaters

    Electric base, drum heaters are even easier to use than the aforementioned heater mats. These heaters look much like large, round pizza trays, but, instead of holding food, they hold drums.

    They are often used to maintain temperatures when a drum is moved onto the next stage of production, such as in bottling factories.

    We produce low watt density base heaters of 2400 wattage power. All our base heaters are safeguarded with thermal insulation for maximising power efficiency and producing optimum heating and sustained temperature control. Our base drum heaters come with 6mm aluminium plates to ensure an even distribution of warmth. A PID Digital Temperature Controller and MI thermocouple sensor control the device so you can just set the temp and go about your day.

    These base heaters are versatile, durable, long lasting, easy to use and efficient.

    There are a few different base heating elements to choose from. For more information please see our Base Drum Heater Blog Post or give us a call on (07) 3252 4257.

  • - Base Heating Element Options

    • A variety of sizes to accommodate almost any size drum. Choose from bases which can hold 20, 30, 60, 121 and 205 litre drums.
    • We also have different wattages, voltages single and 3 phase devices available.
    • If safety is high on your list of necessities we can also offer you extra safety additions.
    • If you would like the option of wheeling around your barrels without compromising heating than the mobile heater on caster wheels is perfect for you.
  • - How do I Use Base Drum Heaters?

    Simply purchase the right type of base element which corresponds to the weight and size of your barrel. Just place your barrel on top of the element and on the temperature control mechanism, program in the temperature you would like the barrel to be maintained at and you are all done.

    After purchase, please refer to the Instruction Manual for safety and step-by-step instructions.

  • Drum Heater Accessories

    We can also supply you with heated drum trolleys for easy movement of your barrels so heat is maintained 100% of the time during travel, as well as, drum immersion heaters and drum heating ovens.

    Drum Immersion Heating

    These elements work by coming in direct contact with the liquid or solution inside your drum. They are immersed in the contents and radiate heat around the inside of the barrel.

    Drum Heating Ovens

    Drum heating ovens can heat several barrels at once and sustain a desired temperature.

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