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Dynamic Braking Resistors

Dynamic Braking Resistors are used to produce a braking torque to motors. When machinery that is operated by electric motor ceases, transferable energy is created, this is either dispersed as heat or put back into the power supply. A braking resistor provides a cost effective way of dispersing excess energy stores. One of the same major uses today is in AC Variable Frequency Drives. During braking there can be very high voltages generated, voltages as high as 800 volts aren’t uncommon. The effect of the dynamic braking resistor is to slow down or prevent the excess power (wattage) being converted to heat in the motor. Note that motors will respond faster to dynamic braking resistors with smaller ohmic values, however the heat dispersed will be higher.

Cynebar offer a range of dynamic braking resistors, ranging from continuous powers up to 100kW.

Dynamic Braking Resistors


Dynamic braking resistors will guarantee faster braking of DC and AC motors, while also increasing the life of friction braking components, by reducing wear and tear. This leads to a range of efficiency increases;

  • Increased reliability of service
  • Eliminate time wasting by lowering braking times
  • Increased braking equipment life

Cynebar Dynamic Braking Resistors series 3kW to 100kW

Cynebar Dynamic Braking Resistors

Model number Rating Height ( mm) Lenth (mm) Width (mm)
CYN12DBR012 6 kW-12 kW 473 910 342
CYN12DBR018 9 kW-18 kW 629 910 342
CYN12DBR024 12 kW-24 kW 629 910 420
CYN12DBR048 24 kW-48 kW 629 910 740
CYN12DBR066 33 kW-66 kW 629 910 980
CYN12DBR096 48 kW-100 kW 629 910 1380
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