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Flexible Heaters

Flexible Heaters

Flexible heaters are thin (0.5 - 1.5mm), formable and able to be designed to fit your equipments' requirements. The thin section and direct bonding to the work piece offer rapid heat transfer, accurate temperature control and even heat distribution.

Standard sizes are available for most needs but complex shapes are possible without any loss of efficiency or durability.


Flexible heaters can be applied for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and military use. In all of these instances reliability and resistance to deterioration are essential. CYNEBAR are a dependable source of flexible heater products, offering cost effective solutions without compromising manufacturing quality.

  • Food Service Equipment
  • Curing of Laminates
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Pipes, Tanks or Vessels
  • Anything needing a flexible shape or design

Fiberglas-reinforced silicone rubber gives the heater dimensional stability without sacrificing flexibility. Flexible heaters are constructed with a wire-wound element or an etched foil element. The heater construction creates a very thin heater allowing it to fit applications where space is limited.

Features and Benefits

Construction with wire-wound or etched foil elements:

  • Allows a lighter, thin (0.5 – 1.5mm) heater.
  • Provides flexibility and durance.
  • Offers an easy repeatable distributed watt density.

Moisture – and chemical-resistant silicone rubber material:

Insures longer heating life

Flexible Heater Diagram

Mounting Methods

CYNEBAR offers three types of adhesives and mechanical fasteners, to insure fast and effective installation.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Surface (PSAS):

Insuring a smooth clean surface is prepared, simply peel off the protective backing and roll the heater in place for an even bond. The PSAS is not recommended for curved surfaces and or for heaters rated above 10 W/in2 (1.5 W/cm2).

Note: PSAS has a Maximum six months storage life, before heater installation when stored below 30°C (300°F).

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Surface

Field Applied Adhesive:

For a stronger bond to PSAS, or when long storage is probable, a room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone adhesive is available. CYNEBAR offers red RTV for temperatures up to 260°C (500°F). This can be orders in either 3 oz (90ml) or 12 oz (355ml) tubes. For installations that require longer adhesive working time, a two-part RTV kit can be purchased. Prior to application of the adhesive, the kits require primer on the surface.

Note: Not recommended for polyimide heaters.

Field Applied Adhesive

Silicone Contact Cement Kit:

Silicone Contact Cement Kit

This two-part adhesive consists of a resin and catalyst that are easily mixed together and applied with a paintbrush. The cement kit will handle temperatures up to 175°C (350°F), and its recommended usage is for field cementing of silicone rubber heaters to customer parts.

Mechanical Fasteners:

When a wire-wound flexible heater must be detachable, any type of fastener normally used with fabrics can usually be built into the sheath material.

The most common types are:

Mechanical Fasteners
  • Latch fasteners
  • Boot hooks>
  • Grommets

Other styles include:

  • Snap Fasteners
  • Springs
  • Lacing cord

Note: Hook and loop style fastener strips are only available as part of the extended capabilities.

Note: The Grommets and boot hooks are commonly used with tension springs to compensate for slight variations in part size.

Termination Styles

CYNEBAR offers numerous types of leads and terminations. Leads can protrude from any position along the perimeter of the unit.

Note: Leads will be centred on the short side width of rectangular heaters unless otherwise specified.

Teflon® UL® 1180 CSA:

Teflon UL 1180 CSA

Leads Shown Exiting End of Heater,
Centred on Short Side.

Leads are 12 in. (305 mm) long, white, Teflon insulated, flexible, plated copper UL 1180 CSA wire. They are rated for 392°F (200°C)/300V. The lead connections on or at the heater are insulated with a cap of sheath material, vulcanized to the heater body.

Teflon® Leads:

Teflon Leads

Leads shown exiting middle of heater.

Teflon Type E (MIL-W-16878) and Teflon UL 1199 rated for 392°F (200°C)/600V are also available.

Silicone Insulated Leads:

For a better moisture seal, specify UL® silicone insulated lead wires. This lead type is rated for 302°F (150°C)/ 600V. Any lead length is available.

Note: Silicone rubber heaters are not designed to be waterproof. Excess exposure to moisture may facilitate premature heater failure.

Leads shown exiting corner of heater.


Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation - To increase the heating efficiency of your application, silicone rubber heaters can be thermally insulated with silicone sponge rubber, bonded to one side in the following thicknesses: 1⁄16, 1⁄8, 1⁄4, 3⁄8 or 1⁄2 in. (1.6, 3.2, 6, 9.5 or 13 mm).

An aluminized surface can be added to the back of the heater to reduce radiated heat losses. This aluminized surface, called “low loss treatment,” adds very little to the unit thickness and maintains a very clean appearance.

Flexible Shapes and Geometries

Temperature Sensors

CYNEBAR offers several styles of sensors for use with flexible heaters. These sensors are made available as:

  • Pre-set or adjustable thermostats
  • Thermocouples
  • Thermistors
  • RTD’s
  • Thermal fuses

The sensors can be integrally mounted to sense the temperature of either the part or the heater sheath. If you chose to order the thermostats separate it will allow you direct control over your process temperature.

Pre-Set Thermostats

CYNEBAR offers a variety of non-adjustable pre-set thermostats. Thermostats separate from the rubber, and are available with standard 12 inch (305mm) leads (unless otherwise specified).

Preset Thermostats
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