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Installation, Commissioning & Inspection

Installation, Commissioning & Inspection

Our customer focus has caused us to evolve into a company that will handle all aspects of a heating project. We manage and coordinate the heating and control system supply, installation and commissioning.

Pre-planned site inspections are undertaken as part of a maintenance regime.


Our first step is ensuring a successful implementation of your heating application during installation. Making certain we get it right first go is very important to the team at Cynebar, so our engineers are highly trained to plan and organisation of your installation setup.

Each site is unique, and may provide different challenges that need overcoming for a particular heating installation. This is where the professional expertise of Cynebar is so beneficial to our clients. We know the best ways of coordinating and organising your heating package to where it’s required for maximum efficiency.

Don’t risk the chance of a poor setup being installed by amateurs. This is a sure way to see substandard results with your heating application and a way to run into future problems causing losses to productivity. Use only trusted experts in Cynebar with proven knowledge and strategies to guarantee your installation is done correctly for peak effectiveness.


Cynebar fully stands by the electrical heating solutions we put in place, offering full commissioning services to give you total peace of mind that your heat application will work over the long term. Our skilled engineers can provide a review of all systems and components in major pieces of equipment, as well as testing to make sure the application is still working effectively for your cause.

If there are any problems, we will do everything possible to get in rectified in a timely manner. We are only happy with 100% customer satisfaction, which is why we run thorough and detailed commissioning services.


Ongoing after sales maintenance and support is just one way Cynebar exceed customer expectations. We will plan site inspections during the early stages implementing your heating solution, so we know what to look for on return visits to your site.

It’s our way of safeguarding your investment, ensuring we eliminate any problems that may arise while the heating application is being used in real world conditions. It’s your chance to speak with us again and provide feedback while our engineers make the necessary adjustments during their inspection to keep your heating solution working hard for you.

Contact us to talk about how our inspection service can be of help to you.

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