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Load Bank

Load Bank

Guaranteeing reliable functionality of any backup power system, in any industry is essential. Standby backup generators are importantly used as emergency power supplies in many industries and workplaces, such as hospitals, airports and mining. A load bank is used to test the reliability, capabilities and maintenance of these generators.The load bank is an artificial electrical load, set up to accurately mimic the load that the power source (a generator) would be put under if it was in actual use.

From 0.5 watt to megawatts, performance, durability and quality are the hallmarks of our resistors & load banks. We have specialized in manufacturing high accuracy wire-wound power resistors and resistive element 'dummy' loads for over 60 years. Covering the gambit, fixed or variable type, NER or Continuous usage, single or multistage switching, weatherproof, fan-cooled, meters, transportable.

Load Bank Applications

In many industries it is critical to have assured operation of a backup power system. Load banks are compatible with engine generators, wind generators, hydro generators, battery systems, inverters, UPS systems, ground power units, auxiliary power units and aircraft power generators. Load banks can be used in a wide variety of applications. Here are the most common;

    Manufacturing testing
  • Manufacturers frequently use load banks to help assess new units or generators. This will typically be carried out by passing through a controlled electrical load, assessing the impact it has. Results will then be recorded, and adjustments may need to be made to help ensure that generator performs to meet its intended requirements.
  • Gas engines can also be tested by load banks, to help assess how they perform under different loads. Performance will then be recorded and measured against what is required, adjustments can then be made is necessary.
    Field testing & exercise
  • Field generators are required to be tested thoroughly before use and on a yearly basis, to maintain that they are fully operational at all times. If there are any problems with the generators, then modifications and changes can be made in a safe environment. This helps ensure that a proactive rather than reactive approach is taken.
  • This is particularly useful for generator manufacturers. A load bank can be used to help demonstrate the condition and performance of a generator to potential buyers.
    Wet stacking reduction
  • This is a common issue with diesel generated engines. A problem can sometimes occur when these engines are operating for long periods of time. Load banks can be used in this instance to help ensure the generator is consuming all of the oil. Failure to do this could result in high amounts of unconsumed fuel being stored in the exhaust stack.
    Load rejection test
  • This is undertaken to determine whether the system can endure a sudden loss of load and then operate normally after the problem has been resolved.
  • Battery/UPS system testing
  • Ground power testing
  • Factory testing of turbines

Exceptional Quality

Our load banks are used by a wide range of clients and industries such as mining sites, oil and gas plants, hospitals, major buildings, process plants, locomotive testing and many other essential services where it is required to verify the performance and reliability of generator systems.

Load banks can be used with a well planned maintenance program to prevent a diesel generator from running under load and wet stacking.

Designed with highly reliable FIREBAR resistors, Incoloy 800 sheath.

The unique flat vertical surface geometry allows air to flow more freely and more air to flow up and across the sheaths surface thus improving heat transfer.


  • Rugged stainless steel construction & fixings.
  • Plate mounted axial flow fan(s) for high airflow.
  • Safety interlocks for airflow, resistor temperature & fan motor overload.
  • Manual or automatic load shedding.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Indication lights.
  • Meters for Amps, Volts, kW, Hz or kVA.
  • Switchgear IP55 rated.
  • FIREBAR resistors IP65 rated.
  • Silver Series Touch Screen controller, Modbus for remote mounting or wireless option.
  • Two (2) sets of installation, operation manuals provided with load bank.

60kW to 480kW Series

loadbank series diagram

Model number Rating Voltage (Volts) Load Steps Height (mm)
CYN12LB005 60 kW 415 5 x 12 kW 1415
CYN12LB010 120 kW 415 5 x 24 kW 1485
CYN12LB015 180 kW 415 5 x 36 kW 1555
CYN12LB020 240 kW 415 5 x 48 kW 1625
CYN12LB025 300 kW 415 5 x 60 kW 1695
CYN12LB030 375 kW 415 6 x 60 kW 1765
CYN12LB035 420 kW 415 7 x 60 kW 1835
CYN12LB040 480 kW 415 8 x 60 kW 1905

600kW to 960kW Series

airflow of series1 loadbank

Model number Rating Voltage (Volts) Load Steps Height (mm)
CYN12LB050 600 kW 415 10 x 60 kW 1799
CYN12LB060 720 kW 415 12 x 60 kW 1869
CYN12LB070 840 kW 415 14 x 60 kW 1939
CYN12LB080 960 kW 415 16 x 60 kW 2009

1080kW to 1440kW Series

diagram of series1 loadbank /></p>
                        <table width= Model number Rating Voltage (Volts) Load Steps Height (mm) CYN12LB090 1080 kW 415 18 x 60 kW 1869 CYN12LB105 1260 kW 415 21 x 60 kW 1939 CYN12LB120 1440 kW 415 24 x 60 kW 2009

1680kW to 1920kW Series

series1 airflow information/></p>
                        <table width= Model number Rating Voltage (Volts) Load Steps Height (mm) CYN12LB090 1680 kW 415 28 x 60 kW 1939 CYN12LB120 1920 kW 415 32 x 60 kW 2009

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