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Open Spiral Heaters

Open Spiral Heaters

Open spiral heaters, are one of the most commonly used heating elements in domestic, commercial and industrial production applications.

Open spiral heaters are also known as Helical-coiled Spirals and are capable of working temperatures to 1200C. Developed to be suitable for most gaseous atmospheres with alloys that give power and temperature in demanding situations.

This gives the heaters the capacity to maintain the durability and robustness critical for continuous operation in heavy industrial situations as well as commercial and domestic space room heating.

Common Uses for Open Spiral Heaters

They are employed primarily throughout the textile, chemical, power, medical, scientific, clothes laundering, food catering, food production and hospitality industries, as well as throughout your home and office.

Around the home you may know them best in the form of the common, spiral hotplates on your stove and the snake shaped heating elements in the bottom of your house-hold oven. You will also have come across them in commercial and domestic air-duct heating situations in home or office spaces which keep areas at an adequate, uniform temperature throughout the day or night.

These elements are found within the following:

Open Spiral Heating Element
  • Power plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Production and storage facilities
  • Offices and homes
  • Tanks, pipes, metal tubing
  • Pottery and glass kilns
  • Hand dryers
  • Laboratory furnaces
  • Cast-in heaters
  • Air heating systems
  • Food processing
  • Medical and analytical equipment
  • Semiconductor manufacturing and wafer processing
  • Sealing and cutting bars
  • Glass bending and plastic injection moulding equipment
  • Silica glass room heaters
  • Acrylic sheet vacuum thermoforming machinery for creating signage
  • Metal melting and conditioning furnaces
  • Pottery Kilns
  • Glass Slumping & Laboratory Furnaces
  • Acrylic Sheet Vacuum Thermoforming
  • Silica Glass Room Heaters
  • Metal Melting & Conditioning Furnaces

How do Open Spiral Heaters Work?

They are a very effective method of heating as the open coils have open circuits which warm up the air instantaneously as air flows around them, which means the air is heated as quickly as possible and is spread around the space fast and evenly.

Keep in mind, helical-coiled spirals do require being installed in a space where there is constant air-flow over the open wires as static-air can cause them to burn-out or malfunction. This type of heating is safe for use in most gaseous environments and is exceptionally efficient and highly economically feasible to set-up and regularly use.

If you are concerned the area you intend to install your new coil heater may be prone to extremely high wind speeds, then tubular air heaters or strip heaters would be better suited to your needs

The Benefits of Using Open Coil Heating Elements

These heating elements have numerous advantages, some of which are listed below.

  • They can withstand high temperatures and reach up to 1200 degrees Celsius.
  • They are very easy to operate.
  • Their low mass enables them to heat up areas quite quickly.
  • The materials and robust alloys used in their design are highly corrosion resistant ensuring they enjoy a long life-span.
  • They can be extremely long, yet compact, and have the ability to be formed into almost any shape and come in a range of configurations. No matter the shape or configuration, they will maintain an even heat distribution over a large surface area.
  • This type of heating reduces heat fluctuation, watt density requirements and stops heat sensitive substances from breaking down or sustaining damage.
  • No open seams means they can be used in abnormal environments provided there is some air-flow, such as sub-freezing temperatures.
  • The absence of seams also helps safeguard against oxidation.
  • Replacement components for broken internals are readily available and are also incredibly cheap, making repairs an inexpensive affair.

Range of Design Options

Thanks to high ductility, the shapes, configurations and applications are practically limitless, just imagine the possibilities.

We can design and manufacture coils which contain, or, are built with:

  • 1, 2 or 4 resistance wires
  • Parallel spirals or straight wiring
  • Swaged or drawn coverings
  • Including or excluding internal thermocouples
  • With leads protruding from each end or just 1

Choose Cynebar for your Electrical Heating Needs

When you choose Cynebar you get access to a huge variety of spiral heaters, ideal for any job large or small, industrial, domestic or commercial. We can supply you with pre-existing stock, or, if we do not have precisely what you need, we can design a heating element exactly to your specifications for tailored projects and specialised heating requirements.

Just give us a ring on (07) 3252 4257 to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff about the spiral element options available to you. It is a good idea to have some information ready for us in regards to what sort of open coil system you think you need and details regarding airflow, volts, watts and temperature. If you are stumped, not a problem, just let us know what you need the heating for and we can work out the details for you to come up with a plan of action.

Our team have a combined wealth of experience in the heating sector with many satisfied clients to our name so you know you are dealing with experts you can trust.

Our heating coils are second to none, we use only the best industry approved materials when crafting our spiral heater elements so you get a powerful and robust product which performs reliably for years on end.

For a designer, manufacturer and supplier who will go the extra mile, you need look no further than Cynebar. The resolution to your heating and thermal issues is just a phone call away.

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