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Wire Wound Resistor

Our wire wound resistor range are produced by Cynebar and the STANDARD RESISTOR™ brand are used throughout Australia and Overseas for accurate, safe and long-term control in electrical power and motor systems.

Here at Cynebar we understand that a wire wound resistor is just one of a wide variety of different products to consider, and knowing the best fit for your needs can be a bit complicated. We are able to custom design and ensure the products created will be a perfect solutions for your requirements.

Our staff have been working in this industry for a number of years and we ensure all of our staff are regularly trained, keeping up to date with the latest developments and quality processes in Australian standards. This helps maintain our high level of customer care and guarantees that they will be able to offer professional advice, helping you pick the correct resistor to best match your heating, cooling or electrical project requirements.

As Australia's leading wire wound resistor manufacturers, we provide power resistor solutions no matter your required application.

Cynebar wirewound resistor

Product Range - Power Resistors

Cynebar have been producing high quality precision electrical heating products, including wire wound resistors for over 37 years. We are based in Brisbane but have continued to supply and service customers all over Australia and overseas. We feel this is due to our high workload and attention to detail, ensuring every last product we produce is of exceptional quality. We are in an industry where our customers are heavily reliant on products working first time, every time, with no room for error.

Our ongoing commitment to manufacturing and supplying high quality products has allowed us to maintain and build our strong reputation as a company, ensuring we develop a number of long term relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on being a flexible company, as we are confident we have the manufacturing capabilities to custom build products to meet your electrical and heating product requirements and needs.

Wire Wound Resistor for Industry

As specialized designers and manufacturers of high power and accuracy resistors, we are there to safeguard a very wide range of power, motor and distribution systems in railways telecommunications, laboratories and major lift / elevator companies. Our products are compliant with Australian standards and are designed and built with quality in mind.

Standard Resistor brand consists of a wide range of wire wound resistors from 5 Watts to 1000 Watts to suit your needs as a fixed resistor or adjustable resistor. The exceptional coating technology that is applied within a wire wound resistor ensures that they are extremely reliable, offering exceptional resistance to moisture, making them more durable and long life. When creating quality systems, using quality components is a must!

Standard Resistor Brand Features:

  • V Type - Vitreous enamel coating providing the ultimate protection against high humidity, environment attack and mechanical damage.
  • Withstand frequent start-stop cycles of motor starting and dynamic braking as the Vitreous coating also has a very high thermal mass and heat transfer rates thus absorbing heat of transient overloads.

Close up resistor

  • “COOLFIN” range are designed for equipment requiring low resistance ohmic values and high current capacity.
  • “COOLFIN” ribbed construction aids in rapid cooling and especially constructed for motor starting and VSD Braking overloads.
  • Continuous operation at 350°C is possible using Vitreous enamel coating if designers wish to use smaller resistors for a given load.
  • Terminal Lugs suitable for soldering or bolt connection.

Close up resistor

  • An adjustable power resistor provides good electrical contact with a silver contact type clip.
  • Terminal lugs avoid the effects of bending strains as the resistance element is silver soldered to the terminal lug band at a point remote from the terminal lug projection. This is the only proven reliable technique and is used on all Standard Power Resistor Brand products.

Close up resistor

  • D Type coating offers a non-brittle, impervious encapsulation based on the most recent advances in silicone resins, with high-density ceramic filler providing maximum insulation and heat transfer properties

Table 1 - Wire Wound Resistor, 5 to 250 Watt

resistor table


  1. First letter relates to resistor former diameter – actual wire wound resistor diameter is greater by varying amount due to resistor wire size and coat thickness. Second letter relates to resistor former length which is constant.
  2. First Column gives normal commercial rating for a surface temperature of 250°C in 20°C ambient. The second column ratings are for “V” coating
  3. The range of resistance values are recommended limits – other sizes may be made but at increased cost and possibly reduced reliability.
  4. Mountings. Types AA and AB are self-supporting on radial wire leads or solder lugs. The larger sizes are normally supplied with horizontal mounting feet. Vertical mountings with thru rod and dished washers are available on request.
  5. Tolerances. ± 5% above 50 Ω, ± 10% below are standard. ±1% available at increased cost.
  6. Tapped Resistors can be supplied to detail.

Table 2 – “COOLFIN” Resistors, 75 to 550 Watt

resistor table 2

Resistance Tolerance:

  • Above 0.5 Ohm +10%
  • Below 0.5 Ohm + 15%
  • All tapped units + 15 %
  • Variability : Adjustable bands available

The Standard Resistor brand name will continue to offer quality and a wide range of wire and tape wound devices of proven reliability. Rest assured that we can supply just about any need, from hobby Slot Car resistors, to replacement parts for Scientific Instruments or even Complex designs for Dynamic Braking applications.

Cynebar remains committed to handling urgent delivery schedules, offering a quality range of wire wound resistors of proven reliability – so contact us now now to start creating the resistors you need for your next project.

Reasons for Power Resistors

Although every power resistor fundamentally performs the prime function of introducing resistance into an electrical circuit, which then leads to the converting of electoral energy into heat energy, this process may be done for several different practical reasons.

  • Heating

    Cabinet heaters to stop condensation in switchboards.

  • Current Limiting

    The introduction of a power resistor into an electrical circuit can be used to restrict the amount of current flow to a predetermined value. Also used when it is necessary to limit the flow of circuit or system energy during a fault or short-circuit (usually in conjunction with a fuse or circuit breaker).

  • Voltage Drop

    The main function of power resistors designed for this purpose are to reduce the applied voltage for a particular application. The voltage reduction is a function of the current through the resistor and the resistance value.

  • Voltage Divider

    Wire wound resistors designed for this purpose have a main function of providing the voltages required for various circuits within the system when each circuit is drawing a predetermined current through the divider.

  • Discharge

    At times it may be required to prevent damage to electrical equipment from excess voltage surges. Discharging stored energy can be accomplished through the use of a resistor.

Wire Wound Resistor Variations

The basic wire power type resistors can be categorised into the following four variations.

  • Fixed Power Resistor

    A resistor designed to introduce only one set amount of resistance along its length into an electrical circuit. They are not adjustable with a set Ohmic resistance level, but are often used due to their build customisability.

  • Tapped Power Resistor

    A resistor designed to introduce two or more steps of set amount of resistance along its length into an electrical circuit that is also dependent upon the number of resistor terminals employed. Used with voltage-divider applications.

  • Adjustable Power Resistor

    An adjustable resistor which is also known as a variable resistor. It’s constructed in a way that its set resistance amount can be readily changed, over values within its range to better suit its need and application.

  • Multi-Section Power Resistor

    A resistor designed to have two or more electrically independent sections.

Leading Wire Wound Resistor Manufacturers

When it comes to successful implementing power resistor products for your electrical applications, speak with the team at Cynebar. By following only the highest manufacture standards, we take the steps to ensure our power resistor electrical connections are built for ease and efficiency.

Whether you require variable or adjustable wire wound resistor hardware elements, we make long-term power resistors that consider your termination and mounting needs. It’s engineering integrity that covers all aspects because implementation is just as important as securing the correct wire wound resistor for the task.

It’s the experience the team at Cynebar has that makes us the premium wire wound resistor manufacturers. We don’t just offer top quality products – we also back it up with qualified advice and assistance so your applications run efficiently.

  • Speak to us regarding termination options available with your required power wire wound resistors. Solder terminals, flying lead connectors, spade lugs, whatever works best we’ll know.
  • Wanting to know about mounting solutions? Cynebar can help even with the largest power resistor. Proper mounting can make a big difference to the overall efficiency of wire wound resistor applications. See what Cynebar can provide that makes certain mounting is streamlined and effective.

No matter what the needs are for your electrical circuits or components, we can design and manufacture a wire wound resistor to control the flow to precision. Contact us online or give us a call on 07 3252 4257 for further details or with any questions you may have.

Cynebar, your Australian wholesale wire wound resistor manufacturers that focus on quality power resistor products and custom solutions.

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