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Electrical Heating Solutions from A to Z

We don’t just provide you with heating products. We can also take the reins of your heating solution project from start to finish by giving you the choice of a total heating solution package so you are free to focus on your day-to-day business dealings.

Due to our engineering design expertise we can carry out a site survey or plant survey of your work or building site, plant, warehouse, manufacturing premises or office building to find the most applicable heating solution for your situation. Our team will confirm some important details with you such as clearances, building schematics and heat loss factors, then calculate, design and document the ins-and-outs of the tailored solution.

By the time our specialists are done you will be informed of the estimated cost involved, what heating solution is most suitable, where and how it will be installed and how we will go about the job to maximise your time and money without compromising safety. You will be provided with technical advice and support during and after the work is completed to ensure we are on the same page throughout the installation process and that you are happy with the heating solution being provided.

With such a vast range of commercial and industrial electrical heating components we are sure to have the solution right for you. Whatever the application, if you're looking for an electrical heating solution then Cynebar is the answer.



If condensation is a problem then dehumidifiers may be the answer. They work to combat excess mosture, remove musty smells and protect expensive equipment without needing refills or water trays.

Dehumidifiers are great for many applications as they require very little attention; set and forget! They are inexpensive, robust and typically run for years while costing no more than a small light bulb.

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Wire Wound Resistors

Wire Wound Resistors

With Cynebar you can choose from a huge range of high quality Wire Wound Resistors from 5 to 1000 Watts. Fixed or adjustable, we really do have a product for any application.

Each of our Wire Wound Resistors features an exceptional coating technology that gives great durability and product you can trust. Read More

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Whether bimetallic thermostats or advanced multi-loop, PID controllers, optimal performance of the heating process occurs when the appropriate control package is installed to control and monitor the elements.

A complete range of thermocouples, RTDs and components are also available.

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Tubular & Process Heating

Tubular & Process Heating

Versatile and adaptable, tubular elements are our most common heating solution with tens of thousands of different applications.

Tubular elements can easily be bent into shape and supplied with various sheath materials and mounting hardware. This means that the possibilities are virtually endless and allows us to use them in a broad range of applications from deep fryers to acid baths.

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Trace Heating

Trace Heating

Trace heating allows for smooth, self-regulated and precise energy distribution and is typically the best choice for heating product flowing through pipelines or stored in a vessel.

This solution also allows for easy installation, maintenance and durability which gives it a great advantage over traditional steam heating options.

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What Electrical Heating Solutions are Best For You?

Not quite sure what exactly you need? No problem, take a look at our product range descriptions below to narrow down your options, clear up some doubts and find out which heating element may be most applicable to your situation.

If you require further information, clarification, or, just some guidance than feel free to give us a call on (07) 3252 4257 and one of our knowledgeable staff will tend to your enquiries.

An Overview of Our Product Range

  • Tubular and Process Heating

    Metal sheathed tubular heating elements are versatile and adaptable making them the ideal solution when it comes to tens of thousands of large or small heating applications. Their multipurpose and flexible design allows them to be contorted into various shapes and combinations to fit into almost any space and supplied with various sheath materials and mounting hardware making the application possibilities virtually endless.

    This sort of heating element is often found in equipment used in commercial cooking, catering and hospitality industries and everything in between from deep fryers to acid baths. Customisation is the watch-word when it comes to tubular heating elements. With our 3D Solidworks CAD drawing software we can formulate any size, shape and type of heating element you need.

  • Band, Plate and Strip Heating

    Band heating is usually found in sections of diameter piping or heating barrels and is used to produce safe and even heating for cylindrical surfaces. Band heaters are mostly found in injection moulding, blown film dies and extrusion industries.

    Plate heating is exactly as the name suggests, an element which uses a plate to speedily heat up objects, liquids and gases. Such elements can range from your basic kitchen hot-plate to much larger industrial applications.

    Strip heating is usually found in the plastics industry for moulding applications and also in air heating set-ups such as baking ovens and cabinets, as well as, dampness protection to safeguard electrical mechanisms. Construction and temperature varies enormously depending on the application and the type of strip heating used.

  • Cartridge Heater

    Cartridge heating elements are heavy-duty, tube shaped devices which produce more power per square metre compared to other heating solutions. Cartridge heaters are used throughout the process heating industry for such things as injection mould dies, plastics, hot plates, packing machinery, seam sealing, medical and scientific laboratory equipment and more. Components are customised to suit diverse applications and are usually placed into reamed holes to heat up smaller spaces or metal internal components.

  • Trace Heating

    Electric trace heating, also known as, surface heating elements are designed for smooth, even self-regulated and precise energy distribution such as is needed in low-temperature pipelines, refrigeration door heating, floor heating, seedling production, as well as, vessel and liquid tank storage to name just a few applications.

    They are highly durable, easy to install and low maintenance giving them an advantage over traditional steam heating options. This type of element will sustain a safe operating temperature or raise temperatures as necessary.

  • Drum Heaters

    Drum heaters are chemical resistant, easy to clean and are used to reduce the viscosity of liquids and gels so they can be pumped, filled or bottled, or simply to stop the liquid or gel condensing inside the drum. Drum heating elements are used for the bottling of such things as tar, grease, oils, resins, fats, honey, molasses, chemicals, chocolate, varnish and galantine.

  • Flexible Heaters

    Flexible heaters are adaptable and conform to the surface which needs heating. They ensure fast heat transference and precise temperature control is maintained. These elements can be used for commercial, military, and industrial applications and are found in food service and laboratory equipment, pipes, liquid tanks and vessels, laminate curing and more.

  • Open Spiral Heaters

    Open coil heaters have a fast heating response time and work well in gaseous environments, they can reach temperatures of 1200 degrees Celsius. This type of heating is often used in pottery kilns, glass bending, laboratory furnaces, metal liquefying, silica glass room heaters and acrylic sheet vacuum thermoforming.

  • Resistance Wires

    They convert electrical energy into heat and are often found inside electrical heating appliances such as heaters, ovens and toasters and in equipment such as packaging machinery, plastic and foam cutting machinery and set design apparatus. These electric heating elements are used throughout various industries including the medical, dentistry, defence, aerospace, manufacturing and science sectors.

  • Temperature Controllers

    A temperature control element works exactly as the name suggests, it is a device which controls and supervises the heating process to ensure the optimum amount of heat is being generated. Depending on the application, such a device can be manually switched on and off, as well as, functioning fully automatically without any need for human oversight.

    Temperature controllers are used in pottery making, ovens, plastics, pipelines, tanks and any number of household appliances and control panels. Our huge range includes bimetallic thermostats, thermocouples, advanced multi-loop, PID controllers and RTDs and components.

  • Dehumidifiers

    Dehumidifiers are small and handy devices which protect expensive equipment without needing refills or water trays. They work to resist the build-up of condensation and dampness in almost any large or small indoor setting such as factory production lines and home clothes cupboards.

    Dehumidifiers also prevent mould, mildew, smells and help ward off insects. They are great for many applications as they require very little attention; simply set and forget! They are inexpensive robust and typically run for years while costing no more than a small light-bulb.

  • Wire Wound Resistors

    Resistors are often found in electrical power, distribution and motor systems and range in power from 5 to 1000 Watts. They are used in railways, telecommunications, laboratories and elevators.

  • Dynamic Braking Resistors aka Motor Control Resistors

    Dynamic braking resistors prolong machinery life and increase reliability and are most commonly found in vehicles. Resistors use excess energy stores to produce braking force to cost effectively distribute energy which would otherwise be dispersed as heat.

  • Load Banks

    A load bank is a testing device which mimics the operational charge a power source will produce in a real life situation. It is used to safely determine whether or not the power source is up to the task of handling the power load before it is up and running in the field.

    Such things as generators, battery systems, auxiliary power units and much more can be tested for reliability and capability by a load bank.

Cynebar for All Your Electrical Heating Needs

Our range of products cover the wide range or requirements for the electrical heating industry for safety and control. If you have any questions on any of our products, feel free to ask the team when you contact us.

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